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Homaland is a small universe where hamsters live their big lives.

Every hamster is playing its part in this world.

Someone is standing guard over the city, someone is getting nuts, someone is spinning the wheel to get energy, someone is looking for treasures.
But they all have one thing in common – they protect and help each other!

NFT: 7777 uniquely generated hamsters with over 200+ unique traits!

HOLD: Minting these sweet critters makes you a digital pet owner. After all, all holders of Homaland NFT provides various benefits and perks.

COMMUNITY: The most valuable part of HOMALAND, whose goal is to support, develop each other and create a DAO where the voice of each hamster matters.

TOKEN: As we create our own ecosystem around the metaverse, we plan to issue a token earned by all of the holders of Homaland NFT. It will be integrated as a currency to buy additional goods such as physical items or in-game currency.

Each hamster will have certain skills: someone will earn nuts faster, someone will pass the levels faster, someone will have special hamster magic.

Owning a hamster will bring in some NUTS in the future. Owners will also have the right to vote in Homaland and will be able to claim unique items as the metaverse evolves.

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63 shares, 23 points

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