GameStop Sold Stolen NFT Indie Games: Collection Earned About $14K

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Stolen NFT indie games were reportedly sold on GameStop’s NFT marketplace. The collection reportedly earned about $14,000, with two pieces in the collection reportedly sold without authorization.

GameStop Runs Into Trouble Again for Collectibles Being Sold on Its NFT Marketplace

For those that are unaware, NFTs stretch across JPEG images and can even cover games, music, movies, and a whole bunch of other forms of digital assets. According to the story by PC Gamer, GameStop still continues its NFT marketplace despite running into what was described as a “string of embarrassments.”

After running into hot water for recently hosting the sale of an NFT adaptation “of a famous image of a 9/11 victim falling,” a report by Ars Technica revealed that the marketplace reportedly facilitated the sale of NFT copies of indie games that were not authorized.

Owner of the Collection was Able to Make 8.4 ETH or About $14K

Nathan Ello, the “owner” of the collection, released the NiFTy Arcade on GameStop’s marketplace. The collection was able to rake in about $14,000 or 8.4 ETH in its initial sales.

It was confirmed that Ello did not actually have permission to release at least two of the games within the project. Although unconfirmed, there is also talk about him also not being authorized to release a further three other games that were part of the NiFTy Arcade collection.

Ello’s Account was Suspended but Buyers can Still Access the Stolen Games

As per the article, Ello did not have licenses to use the PICO-8 engine, which all five games reportedly utilized. After news broke out, the NiFTy Arcade was then pulled down from the GameStop NFT marketplace.

Aside from being pulled down, the account of Ello was also suspended, but due to the nature of NFTs, the user can still easily gain access to their copy of the unlicensed games. The creators of the games might be left with little to no recourse.

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GameStop Aims to Compete with OpenSea, the Biggest NFT Marketplace on the Internet

Ello reportedly offered to compensate the developers that were harmed by the collection and has been able to revive the project on yet another marketplace. The collection was revived with a promise that the future games will be in compliance with the NFT marketplace’s terms of service.

As reported by PC Gamer, this particular story is a demonstration of the potentially shady behavior that could happen in NFT marketplaces. Although this is not the only time whole collections were stolen, the news is still a big deal since it happened on the GameStop NFT marketplace.

According to an article by CNet, GameStop was able to make a surprisingly good entrance in the NFT market space. It was even noted that the marketplace aims to compete with the likes of OpenSea, the biggest NFT marketplace on the internet.

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