Minecraft blocks its block game blockchain. ‘Scarcity and exclusion’ of projects like NFT Worlds would go against gaming values – OI Canadian

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Minecraft will continue to be about blocks, not blockchain. That’s according to the announcement published in an official blog post by Microsoft subsidiary Mojang, which points out that NFT integrations with Minecraft are generally not something to be supported or allowed.

” Hi there ! Recently, we received comments from community members asking for clarification and transparency regarding Mojang Studios and Minecraft’s stance on NFTs and blockchain. We wanted to take this opportunity to share our view that NFT integrations with Minecraft are generally not something we are going to support or allow,” reads the official Minecraft website.

While players have long been able to charge for access to private Minecraft servers they control, the company’s usage guidelines emphasize that “all players should have access to the same features” in these servers. This conflicts with the main point of NFTs, which Mojang characterizes as digital ownership based on scarcity and exclusion, which doesn’t align with Minecraft’s values ​​of creative inclusion and playing together.

“In our Minecraft Usage Guidelines, we explain how a server owner can charge for access, and that all players should have access to the same features. These rules are intended to ensure that Minecraft remains a community where everyone has access to the same content. NFTs, however, can create scarcity and exclusion patterns that conflict with our guidelines and the spirit of Minecraft. »

Aside from these kinds of philosophical issues, Mojang is also concerned about “cases where NFTs have been sold at artificially or fraudulently inflated prices” and situations where NFT assets “may require an asset manager who could go missing. without notice. These types of issues mean that “some third-party NFTs may be unreliable and may end up costing gamers who purchase them,” Mojang warns.

In order to ensure a safe and inclusive experience for Minecraft players, blockchain technologies are not permitted to be integrated into their client and server applications, and Minecraft game content, such as worlds, skins, persona items or other mods, cannot be used by blockchain technology to create a rare digital asset.

The move comes weeks after Mojang announced it had begun banning abusive players from all online games, including private servers. The reasons cited by Minecraft are as follows:

Some companies have recently released NFT implementations that come bundled with Minecraft world and skin pack files. Other examples of how NFTs and blockchain could be used with Minecraft include the creation of collectible NFTs, allowing players to earn NFTs through activities completed on a server, or earn NFT rewards Minecraft for non-game activities.

Each of these uses of NFTs and other blockchain technologies creates digital ownership based on scarcity and exclusion, which do not align with Minecraft’s values ​​of creative inclusion and common play. NFTs are not inclusive for the whole community and create a scenario between those who have and those who have not. The speculative price and investment mentality around NFTs distracts from the game and encourages profit, which the Minecraft team believes is incompatible with the long-term joy and success of its players.

A blockchain is a set of distributed files (blocks placed one after the other) maintained by the nodes of the network, recording the transactions executed between the nodes (i.e. the messages sent from one node to another). other). The information inserted into the blockchain is public and cannot be modified or deleted. The blockchain (literally, a “chain of blocks”) made its first appearance in 2008, as part of the Bitcoin initiative.

Blockchain technology promises to eliminate trust in central institutions. In an analysis, Nicolas Lenz, a computer science student in Germany, argues that blockchain is dangerous nonsense. “Blockchain solves nothing. As a technology, blockchain is already deeply flawed in its core concept.”

For Lenz, the idea of ​​no longer having to trust centralized organizations may sound appealing, but it doesn’t work: Blockchains don’t remove “trust,” they just change who to trust. According to Ewan Kirk, tech entrepreneur, “don’t believe the hype. »

What tech entrepreneur, Ewan Kirk thinks: “The bitcoin blockchain handles just under three transactions per second, which requires incredible amounts of electricity to operate. Some claim that the blockchain uses more and more electricity from renewable sources, but this is a red herring. If bitcoin uses this renewable energy, then someone else has to use coal and gas to power their home. »

An NFT is a single piece of data tracked on a digital ledger. Once created, it is immutable and requires no further proof of authenticity or ownership history. So far, the most publicized use of this technology is that of a certificate of ownership of a digital asset such as a work of art. But in China, regulators are set to launch a platform called BSN-DDC (BSN-Distributed Digital Certificate) to support the country’s burgeoning NFT market, which could provide a framework for innovation and commercialization. broader technology. BSN announced that the launch of BSN-DDC is scheduled for the end of this month.

The International Game Developers Association (IGDA), a trade group of thousands of game creators around the world, is increasingly concerned that “ethical issues” surrounding the use of non-fungible tokens in the games represent a “pending socio-political explosion”. So says Dr. Jakin Vela, founder of the social justice-focused nonprofit Games for Me. Vela was recently appointed acting director of the IGDA.

The Minecraft team is also concerned that some third-party NFTs are unreliable and end up costing players who buy them. Some third-party NFT implementations are also entirely dependent on blockchain technology and may require an asset manager that could disappear without notice. There have also been cases of NFTs being sold at artificially or fraudulently inflated prices. The Minecraft team recognizes that the creation within its game has intrinsic value, and works to provide a marketplace where those values ​​can be recognized.

An NFT can be associated with any form of digital asset, such as an MPEG or a GIF, but the most common use case today is digital art such as JPEGs. Purchasing an NFT provides the token that certifies ownership of the original digital file. However, like any digital file, it can be copied, moved or even deleted. NFTs and blockchain have also been associated with speculation, where prices rise rapidly and, as we have seen recently, can fall rapidly.

Mojang leaves a small door open for future NFT applications that could “enable more secure experiences or other convenient and inclusive in-game applications.” However, the company has “no plans to implement blockchain technology in Minecraft at the moment. »

Mojang’s announcement has an incredible impact for projects like NFT Worlds, which sells NFTs tied to world seeds that are used to create specific Minecraft maps. OpenSea data shows NFT Worlds total trade volume of over 50,000 ETH (worth $76 million at current exchange rates) since its launch last October, with individual world tokens selling on average at around 2.5 ETH (around $3,700 today).

Daily NFT World token trading has been down for months, paralleling the broader crypto crash of recent months, however. And the price of the cryptocurrency behind the NFT Worlds project crashed nearly 70% immediately after Mojang’s announcement.

In a public statement, the leaders of the NFT Worlds project expressed confidence in its future despite what they called “an out-of-the-box announcement from Microsoft/Minecraft that looks like a step back in innovation. and could even have painful effects for them in the long run”.

The NFT Worlds team says they are considering next steps and reaching out to Mojang decision makers to see if “we can find another way out that is beneficial to Minecraft’s player base as well as the vested interests of Microsoft in blockchain/NFT technology and GameFi. If an arrangement cannot be reached and NFT Worlds is truly prohibited from interacting with Minecraft, the team says it will “pivot” either to its own “Minecraft-like game engine and gaming platform” or to become a “GameFi platform as a service” for other studios looking for their own turnkey NFT/metaverse solutions.

“In the end, we are not leaving,” the team writes. “We have the community, we have the warchest, and we know we can build. »

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