Dr. Squatch Aims to Clean Up the Metaverse with New Limited Edition Crypto Cleanse Bar Soap

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Dr. Squatch minted a new limited edition bar on the bricc-chain and we’re taking it to the moon with Crypto Cleanse. The brand mined unique ingredients like exfoliating Crypto Fortunei and skin-soothing Seven Golden Candlesticks to create this disruptive drop that gives you a verified clean. The invigorating minted banana scent leaves you feeling bullish about this non-fungible freshness.

“With the launch of this bar, we are seamlessly blending elements of entertainment and education in two areas that today’s cultural zeitgeist cares about: personal care and cryptocurrency,” said Josh Friedman, Chief Marketing Officer at Dr. Squatch. “By partnering with Nychos and CryptoDads, the brand is able to break into this new market of cryptocurrency and NFTs while staying true to our brand’s values. Nychos dedicates his time to finding and supporting new artists by sharing their work and giving them a platform, just as Dr. Squatch does with emerging talent, while CryptoDads shares an interest with the brand in supporting causes focused on men’s health.”

“While we’re excited to participate in the fun of NFTs, we also recognize the impact that NFTs and blockchain technology have on the environment. Our love for the planet is an important part of who we are at Dr. Squatch, which is why we are also partnering with Aerial to track and offset the carbon emissions created when minting NFTs.”

In tandem with the Crypto Cleanse product launch, Dr. Squatch is launching a sweepstakes giveaway in which three entrants will be randomly selected to win an NFT created by artist partners, Nychos, CryptoDads, and an internal Squatch member. The Crypto Cleanse sweepstakes runs from July 22 – August 5. Each winner will win a custom-sourced minted NFT with a unique rendering of the Dr. Squatch “Squatch” logo in their own individual style as well as a $500 Dr. Squatch gift card.

“For this collaboration, I wanted to dissect the Squatch and break him down into his core elements,” said Nychos. “The soap heart pumps suds through the veins, and the remainder is his disruptive, creative expression of communicating that message”.

“We felt that Dr. Squatch was the perfect partner for us because of our shared desire to educate, entertain, promote health, and make a positive impact in our communities,” said Crypto Dads. “In celebration of our partnership, we’re excited to announce that Dr. Squatch has offered to donate $10,000 to St. Jude’s Children Hospital to support our shared vision to help improve lives.”

The Crypto Cleanse bar is available to Dr. Squatch subscribers for $6 and $8 for one-time purchasers on July 22. The Crypto Cleanse is available to purchase exclusively on Dr. Squatch’s website at www.drsquatch.com.

About Dr. Squatch Soap Company
Dr. Squatch is a men’s natural soap and personal care company, and one of the fastest-growing natural personal care companies in the country, reaching approximately $100 million in sales in 2020. Dr. Squatch’s hero products are natural cold process bar soap, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, and toothpaste. Dr. Squatch sells high quality personal care products for men made in America and wants all men to “Feel Like a Man, Smell Like a Champion” https://drsquatch.com.

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