Revoland: Builds a Portal Gateway into Metaverse by Cooperation with Dao

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“Before reaching the cooperation, we spent a lot of time in doing market research. Based on the feedback data, including players from our DAO community, most of players showed great interests in various game modes. Comparing with traditional MOBA games or top chain games, Revoland is a fascinating and marvelous game not only in game-play designs but also for its ecosystem.”

Said Mr. Cang, the founder of AKG Ventures, which is a company that focuses on innovative finance, especially in blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

What is Revoland?

Revoland is a blockchain-based multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where players can gather friends to form a team, fight against others, and earn token rewards for their individual skills and team battle’s victory. Revoland’s game-play is designed to combine players’ individual skills and teamwork to challenge themselves in a variety of game modes, with attractive leader board ranking rewards updated monthly.

The Significance of Strategic Cooperation with DAO

Preciously Revoland announced a strategic partnership with AKG Ventures & PAClub to build a comprehensive ecosystem. This cooperation aims not only to develop a great game that allows players to become blockchain-empowered creators but also to foster the underlying technology to make more benefits for players.

As the founder of AKG Ventures, Mr. Cang indicated, “Dao has the potential to help build the next generation of digital networking, completely disrupting the way we see online communities and global communication as a whole. GameFi, like all online gaming systems, has a strong DAO focus and Revoland’s plans for the Metaverse reflects that Revoland has very exciting plans for the future of the Metaverse and players who have interests should keep a watchful eye on this space.”

From Mr. Cang’s perspective of the partnership with Revoland, he said, “with the help of PAClub, more users can make initial capital investment in order to obtain NFTs in Revoland, and then these NFTs will provide them with more opportunities and choices to obtain extra values from NFTs. ” In the meantime, Revoland is also working on enabling NFTs in Revoland’s world with special features and attributes so they can satisfy a better user experience. It is well known that Revoland cannot be separated from the support of the community. When GameFi and Daos are combined in Revoland’s Metaverse, they will explore the GameFi Web 3.0 world as one of the first projects which are focused on the Fun and Play in the Play-to-Earn ecosystem.

There are some important platform investment opportunities in the current GameFi tide. GameFi is bringing crypto to the mass market. Many people will earn their first crypto ever through blockchain games. This means that the potential market size is orders of magnitudes bigger than the previous round. Mr. Cang also indicated “Revoland takes the lead in this industry because of the brilliant combination of emerging tech, top-notch game design and fantastic art direction. The team utilizes the latest in Blockchain technology to provide players with an unparalleled experience. On the gaming side, the visibly beautiful artwork and top-notch game design leaves players with a stellar experience they can not only enjoy but profit from.”

The Vision of Revoland in 2022

It can even be said that the GameFi itself and DAO complement each other. The strong user stickiness of the chain game guild also attracts capital investment. Without DAO, many games may not be able to do so well. The cooperation between GameFi+DAO may also be the next wind vane.

The Gaming industry is an industry that is always ripe for disruption. For example, we saw the rise of free-to-play gaming at a time when most legacy gaming firms saw it as a dead-end. Play-To-Earn gaming is a very novel development allowed through the rise of new technologies such as the Blockchain and NFTs and it is one whose potential is massive and still yet to be fully explored. Revoland spearheads this area through a combination of a revolutionary dual token eco-system as well as a soon-to-be-launched NFT marketplace.





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