Jump.Trade launches first-of-its-kind Metaverse cricket game with Meta Cricket League

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It is not news that India is one of the fastest-growing markets for NFT trading and cryptocurrencies. Reports have highlighted the gaining momentum of the NFT community, with several celebrities such as Amitabh Bachchan and Yuvraj Singh hopping on board the Metaverse train. A report by Deloitte has highlighted that India will see transactions worth over $2 billion in NFTs in the sports industry this year itself, which is almost double the figure noted in 2021.

Since the pandemic, many people turned to NFT Play-to-Earn (P2E) games to earn a livelihood after losing their jobs. This was seen in the popularity of Axie Infinity, a video-game-based P2E game company, that helped people in Vietnam and the Philippines supplement their earnings. P2E games encourage players to complete tasks and earn digital assets in the form of cryptocurrency which is stored on a blockchain.

An interactive NFT-based P2E cricket game

Seeing this upward trajectory for sports-based NFT trading and P2E opportunities, Jump.trade, a gaming-NFT-based Web3 integrated marketplace, has launched the Meta Cricket League (MCL), an interactive NFT-based community-centric P2E cricket game where players can earn big cash rewards.

Powered by the Singapore-based GuardianLink, Jump.trade offers an array of services on it, including game asset AI training, renting and real estate buildout, purchasing and trading of ultra-rare cricket NFTs, among others.

Optimising the infinite possibilities on the Metaverse, Jump.trade aims to tap into the growing market for P2E games in India. GuardianLink predicts that with over 400 million online gamers in India, we will see the trend of adopting NFT P2E games replicated here as well. This makes Jump.trade the first-ever international gaming marketplace to launch a cricket NFT game. The MCL will be available on Android, iOs and PC.

Building the biggest cricket Metaverse in Web3

MCL aims to target NFT owners and cricket enthusiasts to build the biggest cricket Metaverse in the Web3 world. GuardianLink NFTs can be used in the MCL, where players can leverage in-game assets to earn and trade, own in-game cricketers, design individual stadiums, and eventually participate in the Esports Metaverse World Cup. Join the waitlist for the NFT drop and premiere launch on the Jump.trade website.

Jump.trade also presents a Super Loot NFT drop that assures that you obtain Metaverse cricket team players’ NFTs or a combination of Metaverse cricket players’ NFTs along with authenticated signed digital NFT collectibles from legends of the sport.

You can purchase one Super Loot NFT priced at $25 or avail the exclusive offer of five Super Loot NFTs with a free treasure box with exciting rewards at only $125. Hurry! Only 25,000 Super Loot NFTs are up for grabs in the NFT drop on the platform on April 22 at 5PM IST.

Recharge your GuardianLink wallets and pre-book the NFTs to ensure you do not miss out on the exciting premium NFT collection that will go live in less than five days.

Stay tuned for the NFT drop and league premiere on April 22 at 5PM IST.

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