FUELARTS – the first accelerator for Art+Tech and NFT based startups – launches two online pre-acceleration programs

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FUELARTS pre-acceleration courses

FUELARTS pre-acceleration courses

Classic Art+Tech startups / digital transformation of the traditional Art Market.

Classic Art+Tech startups / digital transformation of the traditional Art Market.

Digital & NFT startups / startups and NFT-based products.

Digital & NFT startups / startups and NFT-based products.

Classic Art+Tech startups / digital transformation of the traditional Art Market.
Digital & NFT startups / startups and NFT-based products.

The program is a combination of techniques designed to develop an entrepreneur’s business acumen and strategy skills, impart vital knowledge and networking for building investment-attractive projects”

— Denis Belkevich, General Partner, FUELARTS

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, April 18, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — FUELARTS – the first accelerator for Art+Tech and NFT based startups – this May launches two online pre-acceleration programs:


devoted to the digital transformation of the traditional Art Market.



dedicated to startups and NFT-based products.

These programs are designed for:

– Startup Founders & Сultural Entrepreneurs,

– Art Managers & Gallery Owners,

– Artists & NFT Creators,

– Students & Young Professionals

The programs give early-stage founders the knowledge to fundraise and launch their Art+Tech / NFT startup 3 times faster and with a minimum budget. The team of professional mentors will provide them with practical tools while networking will open a wide variety of business opportunities.

The mentors’ team includes the best international Art Market and Business professionals, among them:

– Denis Belkevich – General Partner, Fuelarts. A Ukrainian-born professional art manager / art economist / art adviser, mostly specializing in digital assets and art fund management

| Art Market needs: how to address it |

– Roxanna Zarnegar – Co-Founder, Fuelarts startup accelerator / Ex-Vice President, Artnet / Ex-COO, Christie’s Americas

| NFT is NOT a market: markets disrupting by NFT technology |

– Katya Kohen – Partner at Amadeo, a New York-based VC firm / ex-co-founder of Starta Accelerator/Starta Ventures

| Founders relations and team creation |

– Natasha Le Tanneur – Founder of ArtPaie, Former Sales Lead Artnet & Collectrium

| Go to Market strategy and successful business scaling |

– Danny Setiawan – Founder of CoCreate Consulting, a combination of Enterprise, startup, and educational experience. Yahoo! Finance, The Economist, PwC, Pitney Bowes, and more.

| What is startup: what to think about starting your company |

– Diego Berrio – An investor with extensive experience (12 years +) in Venture Capital, Private Equity, Private lending, Corporate Finance and Strategic Planning.

| Business modeling and financial modeling |

– Petr Voynitskiy – BusDev Director with 15 years of experience, founder of RadioButton Tech Production.

| Tips & tricks of working with internal or external technical & development team |

– Anna Shvets – Art Business Strategist, CEO TAtchers’ Art Management, Producer and a specialist in international PR with over 15 years of experience.

| Networking & publicity instruments for ArtTech startups |

– Alex Blagirev – Business and Tech expert, worked in crucial C-level roles at international corporate companies such as Sensorium, Societe Generale group, PWC and others.

| NFT ecosystem/infrastructure: NFT Metaverse |

– Konstantin Kogan – Co-Founder at Bull Perks, Partner at BitBull Capital and former Managing Director at Wave Financial. Cryptocurrency investor since 2012.

| NFT ecosystem/infrastructure: NFT Gamify |

– Sylvain Levy – An art collector and, together with his wife Dominique, is co-founder of the DSLcollection, an important collection of contemporary Chinese art promoted widely via innovative technologies.

| NFT ecosystem/infrastructure: NFT Collector |

– Poesy Liang – A Chinese-Malaysian contemporary interdisciplinary artist. Poesy recently entered the NFT space with a 111 edition project titled the “Running Rabbit”.

| NFT ecosystem/infrastructure: NFT Artist |

– Alina Gordienko – Saturn 8 CEO & Founder. Based in London, UK.

| NFT ecosystem/infrastructure: NFT Curator |

– Christina Shteinbrecher – Serial entrepreneur, CEO at Blockchain.art (BCA). Steinbrecher-Pfandt brings more than 15 years of expertise in building art marketplaces.

| Go to Market strategy for NFT-based startups |

– Anton Zanimonets – Experienced founder in Blockchain Industry with career success developing and deploying strategic marketing plans, designing and launching effective digital product campaigns.

| What is NFT, NFT-based solutions, NFT-based startups |

– Anastasia Gliebova – An Art Digitalization consultant and creative manager with a legal and economic background. Prior to founding V-Art, more than 8 years in creative management with over 30 projects in her portfolio.

| NFT: legal issues |

– Arianna Perini – Art field and its digital transformations specialist, her expertise expands from a legal qualification to the art market and the increasing interconnection between art, finance and tech.

| Scaling Classic to NFT |

– Galyna Isakiv – Associate at SID Venture Partners Fund – the first unique Ukrainian venture firm established by leading IT executives with massive expertise in tech, investments and scaling businesses

| Fundraising: how to be prepared |

– How to create revolutionary products?

– How to build and implement a business with a high potential for exponential revenue?

– How to practice entrepreneurship with minimal risk and to go into business full-time?

These and other vital questions you will be ready to answer after completing the course(s) and consulting with professional investors.

IMPORTANT! In connection with the military aggression against Ukraine, Fuelarts decided to make the course free for Ukrainian founders and co-founders, as well as Ukrainian STOs in Art + Tech startups around the world. Thus, Fuelarts would like to draw the attention of the international community to projects and hired employees of Ukrainian origin, who have long proved their efficiency and professionalism.

Classic Art+Tech startups Program schedule:

15 workshops, 3 days/week, 4 weeks, 30 hours

Price – 1500 USD

Digital & NFT startups Program schedule:

22 workshops, 3 days/week, 4 weeks, 50 hours

Price – 2500 USD

Admissions deadline: May, 10th 2022

Start: May, 16th 2022

Language: English

Modular format: online Zoom meetings

Contact us to receive all the details and options for a discount:


Whatsapp +1-7812269813

Telegram @Fuelarts_Accelerator

Sonia Stubblebine
+1 781-226-9813

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