METAVERSE at the Foundry: A night of hip-hop, drum and bass and video games

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This story was written by Amari Newman, the journalist behind the multimedia platform Sleepwalker Entertainment, which can also be found on Instagram and YouTube 

This Sunday, April 17, Philadelphia creatives Tethra64 and Coolaidhippy will be headlining their multifaceted event held at The Foundry, titled METAVERSE. The show will feature live performances enhanced by augmented and virtual reality, a cosplay competition, and the premiere of a new 8-bit indie video game titled X2: The Next Power.

Tethra64 and Coolaidhippy have been active in Philadelphia’s music scene for years, organizing DIY events throughout the city alongside members of their collective, RareBoyzz. This past Summer, the two got involved in the local electronic scene, DJing at dozens of raves throughout the city. Soon, their small-scale shows at various warehouses, garages, and storefronts evolved into full on festivals with over 2000 attendees. Part of the rapper-producers’ magnetic appeal comes from the diverse spectrum of genres their music can fall under. Their sound ranges from Hip-Hop and Jungle to House and Blast, a genre Tethra created that fuses elements of Hip-Hop and Drum N Bass into a new and distinct sound. 

The Exponent Agency-sponsored concert will feature a performance from Tethra64 and CoolaidHippy, accompanied by a night of music curated by the duo featuring live sets from Viberium, DazeGxd, G I N A, Jewelssea, Pumpfake, and Keenanfromlimbo. Virtual Reality headsets will be available, allowing guests to watch the show from different viewpoints throughout the venue.

METAVERSE will also host a cosplay competition. Attendees are invited to dress up as their favorite anime, video game, or cartoon character with the chance to win cash prizes and participate in a photoshoot. 

Although the night will be filled with next-level music and technology, the event’s main feature is the world premiere of X2: The Next Power. The 8-bit, 2D, beat-‘em-up fighter game, developed by Tethra64, Coolaidhippy, and the Exponent team, will be demoed, then available to play by concertgoers. The gameplay is configured in an arcade format, and touches on the artists’ experiences within the music industry. The game’s two main characters, Tesura and Coolimeshi, fight against the antagonist, Callab Corp, who represent powerbrokers in the music industry. The entire soundtrack to the game is original music composed by the two producers.

Through press releases and videos uploaded to their instagram pages, the artists and The Exponent team have made it clear that this event is intended to give back to the community that embraced them so fully this past year. 

Doors for METAVERSE are set to open at 6 p.m. and live performances will begin at 8 p.m. Tickets are $30 and can be purchased via LiveNation.

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