NFT Art | NFT artist sold $20 million of his digital work in 24 hours | by Stanley Thomas | Apr, 2022

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NFT Businesses are growing to be the most profitable domain on the metaverse in recent years. NFT based businesses are expected to touch the sky at the present time. Here, we have the incident of NFT that has kickstarted the trend of NFTs.

The 19 year old NFT artist is said to be the most successful artist of all time,

The artist, who goes by the moniker FEWOCiOUS, had just started to sell his work two years ago. However, he sold approximately $20 million in NFTs in a 24-hour limited public auction this week, the third highest amount ever sold on the Nifty Gateway NFT marketplace.

It’s been so difficult to digest, he admitted.

During the sale, collectors had a 24-hour window to buy as much art as they wanted, and they took advantage of it. Paint Drop NFTs, which resemble colourful blobs of paint, are among the most popular items from this artist., and about 5000 people have bought them.

Langlois’ grand plan for a metaverse-style world, or digital universe, called FewoWorld, in which all of his projects can coexist digitally, begins with the launch of the NFT. Langlois revealed that he is currently working on an NFT project called “Fewos” in collaboration with his FewoWorld. While the details are limited, Langlois stated that his plans are not.

“What would Michelangelo do if he had a laptop and social media to communicate with the greatest artists on Earth?” he wondered.

Each paint drop has a finite amount of paint, which is the foundation of everything as per the world’s famous one.” In Langlois’ proposed FewoWorld, the paint could be used to grant characters extraordinary abilities or for something entirely different, he said.

Clearly, he was emphatic that it was the core of everything.

With the funds from his most recent sale, Langlois can explore his creativity as he pleases. Despite the lack of a clear growth plan, FewoWorld plans to use the funding to hire three more people (including himself) to assist him. He also wanted to continue hosting paint parties, where all the NFT collectors are invited to a warehouse for painting without any agenda for the same.

Whatever the future holds for FEWOCiOUS, his “Paint Drop” sale shows he has cemented his status as one of the most popular NFT artists. In just over a year, he has sold 50 million dollars worth of art, including about $20 million this week. A few of his most popular works have sold for over a million dollars, such as Nice to meet you, my name is Mr. MiSUNDERSTOOD, which sold at Sotheby’s in October for 882 ETH (about $2.8 million).

He has big plans, but for the time being, he’s living life to the fullest.

“Not relaxing and doing nothing, but sketching is the dream,” Langlois said.

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